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Customer Service – WillPemcoBielomatik is always here for you

You want highest availability and productivity from your machinery. You'll find these qualities in our customer service and technical representatives.

WillPemcoBielomatik offers a full range of proactive services in support of your cut-size, folio-size or general paper converting equipment. Benefit from our long experience and knowledge - we support you in several ways.

Spare Parts:



  • E.C.H. Will provides technical service
  • Original E.C.H. Will spare parts and upgrades

Service Support

Technical Service
WillPemcoBielomatik can analyze your entire production, to help increase uptime, improve product quality, increase output and evaluate your production metrics.

Benefit from special training programs  – through increased production, longer maintenance intervals, faster diagnosis, greater job motivation and satisfaction.

Assure that your maintenance is as efficient as today's machines, with a coordinated maintenance program including individual service contracts.

Relocation and Installation Project Management
Call us at the outset. We'll help assure a smooth, seamless transition – from planning to hand-over at the new location.

ExpertOnline (Remote Service)
Your direct access to an expert support for your machine can save you both time and money - whether you need speedy software updates, assistance with operational problems, or an expert second opinion.

Service Solutions

Spare Parts
We supply all our Spare Parts to original specifications. No matter how old your machine is - we identify the correct parts and make them quickly available. In case of emergency, use our 24-hour hotline.

Upgrades / Modernizations – 
Technical Improvement Program (TIP)

Machines and technology are constantly evolving. Use our pre-engineered solutions to keep your quality and capabilities high, and your investment low.

Rebuild / In-house Overhauling
Plan your overhauls before they're due. We'll help prescribe the best approach and speed the process, in-place, giving you maximum benefit with minimal downtime.

Unit Exchange Program
Overhaul or repair your machine without taking it offline, and be assured of competent servicing and quality parts. Components can also be fitted with technical upgrades.


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