Unit Exchange Program - faster maintenance for more performance and uptime
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Unit Exchange Program (U.E.P.) – Better, faster maintenance for more performance and uptime

We all know the importance of regular service and Service Parts maintenance. Don't forget the importance of expertise in speeding the process, making it go right, and minimizing downtime on your line.

For maximum efficiency and convenience, use our exchange power units for all cut-size sheeters of types SLK 480 and 470. (For SLK Procut, we can provide you with all the necessary technical support.)

The U.E.P. kit enables overhaul or repair to be performed without taking your machine offline. While the removed components are being serviced and overhauled, they can also be fitted with technical upgrades. Get more efficiency from your machinery with competent servicing and maintenance of parts.

The advantages of using our Unit Exchange Program:

  • Adjustment and repairs without downtime
  • Less downtime in future operation
  • Faster size changes with preset units
  • Faster start-up after size change
  • By exchanging the unit, production can continue while the unit is overhauled outside the machine. 
  • Expert adjustments assure less wear and tear on parts
  • Correct and reliable machine settings
  • Optional upgrades with technical improvements
  • Properly manufactured Service Parts

Contact us now to learn more about the Unit Exchange Program.