Industrial Mechanic
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Industrial Mechanic

Training positions: An overview of the currently available training positions can be accessed here.
Prerequisites: Good middle school leaving certificate or equal or better previous schooling
Good marks in the natural sciences
Technical skill
Good physical constitution
Length of training program: 3 1/2 years
(If trainee’s performance is good, the length of the program could be reduced by six months.)
Training program: Training begins in the training workshop. This is where basic skills in metalworking are taught, such as measuring, filing, sawing, drilling, milling, turning, etc. After this, the trainee goes on to work in the production halls, where the skills already learned can be practiced and expanded.
Training language: German
Vocational school subjects: Technology, applied sciences, mathematics/calculus, technical drawing and politics
These courses are organized as sandwich courses at vocational school between periods of practical training (approx. 13 weeks a year).
The job: Industrial mechanics assemble individual parts to create component groups and functioning machines. Other spheres of activity include the maintenance or repair of defective machines and production lines. In addition to working in Germany, they can also be sent to production sites abroad.
Further qualification: Master, technician
From vocational school to studying at a technical college to graduate as an engineer