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E.C.H. Will offers a wide variety of internships to high-school and university students and retrainees. They are geared in contents and form to the current level of knowledge and individual needs of the trainees. These programs give the trainees an opportunity to become acquainted with the day-to-day work world and to acquire valuable experience in the different tasks and jobs that have to be done in a mechanical engineering company.

The cooperation with students and colleges/universities promotes a more in-depth transfer of know-how.

We offer special internships to high-school students that are specially geared to meet their needs. This gives them a chance to see what the world of work is all about and might help them to make a decision about what they would like to do in their future careers.

Retrainees from other learning institutes are also welcome to complete internships at our company, in the technical as well as in the commercial departments.

If you should have any questions, our trainers, Mr. Frank Westphal (Tel.: +49 4103 7048271, E-Mail:, Mrs. Nicole Zarges (Tel.: +49 4103 7048298, E-Mail: or Mrs. Martina Klasen, would be happy to give you any information you might require. (Tel.: +49 4103 7048327; E-Mail:

You never know: An internship might just be the beginning of a successful career for you at E.C.H. Will. We look forward to your application.

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