WillPemcoBielomatik: a strong brand for paper mills, paper converter & stationery industry

The brand WillPemcoBielomatik evolved from the renowned brands E.C.H. Will and Pemco and the paper processing division of bielomatik and stands for leading integrated technology for paper mills and converters.

Merger with the paper processing divison of bielomatik as of Oct. 1, 2015: read more 

The brand WillPemcoBielomatik has two production facilities: WillPemcoBielomatik GmbH in Wedel/Hamburg, Germany and WillPemcoBielomatik, Inc. in Sheboygan, WI, USA.

WillPemcoBielomatik is part of BW Papersystems

BW Papersystems, a divison of Barry-Wehmiller, combines extremely strong brands, innovative technologies and longstanding experience for the paper and board sheeting and packaging, paper converting as well as for the corrugating industry.


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Barry-Wehmiller acquires Bielomatik paper processing group

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